Dr Stephen Ferguson- hypertension, cholesterol cured

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson because I suffered from high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and diverticulitis. I had a lot of stomach discomfort, cramps all the time which I had no solution to. I had a lot of discomfort in my bowel movement which was really upsetting. I normally had extreme constipation and diarrhoea, if it was not one, then it would be the other. I found it very difficult to find a balance. The doctors prescribed various medicines but none seemed to work to my expectations. I would get occasional relief here and there and then get worse again. Being away from home became very difficult because I had to make sure I was in quick reach to the toilet. I don’t know how many trips I had to make to the toilet in a day, quite a lot, and it was very inconveniencing.


I made an appointment to see to come and Dr Stephen Ferguson at the Natural Health Clinic. When I came to see Dr Stephen Ferguson, he carried out a live blood test. I can say that my blood was scary to watch, it was terrible, and there were a lot of foreign bodies in it. After seeing that, I had to do something about it. So I agreed to go on the 8 weeks programme, taking food supplements and vitamins.  The treatment helped me big time, the cramps in my stomach completely disappeared, diarrhoea, constipation gone. I didn’t have to worry about rushing to the toilet like before.

My sugar levels went down, same as my blood pressure. The programme is fantastic, I am a totally different person, I feel well, I eat well and I have a lot of energy. I feel so fresh; I have gained my confidence back. I can relax whenever I go out and about, honestly it gives me much joy to be able to do stuff that I wasn’t able to do before.


I came back to see Dr Stephen Ferguson on my follow up appointment, and amazingly, the live blood test this time showed that my blood was clearer. I would recommend everyone who has not done the live blood test to come to the Natural Health Clinic and do one. Its hard work but the end result is good.
























Dr Stephen Ferguson; my insomnia gets cured


I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson because I had suffered from insomnia for a long time and arthritis, also I would get hot flushes every so often. I could barely sleep at night. I could wake up every so often and stay awake for quite some time. My arthritis was so bad, I had pain all over my body. Waking up in the morning was a problem, getting out of the bed was difficult. It would feel like my bones had gone to sleep and could not wake up.


I had been told about Dr Stephen Ferguson but was a bit sceptical about visiting him at Natural Health Clinic, until one day I decided to make that first move. I decided to make an appointment to see Dr Stephen Ferguson for a live blood test. A friend of mine kept telling me about the live blood test but that did not prepare me well for what to expect. This one of the most amazing experiences I have to date. Sitting there watching  Dr Stephen Ferguson checked my blood live and it was amazing . My blood was so rough and full of  toxins and this made me a bit anxious. After that Dr Stephen Ferguson put me on 8 weeks programme, where I had to take vitamins and food supplements. He also advised me to eat as healthy as possible. I was determined to do my best so as to get the best out of the programme. My friend had advised me before I came on to the programme make sure that I stick to what Dr Stephen Ferguson told me.


Half way the programme, I noticed a change in the way I felt, I could sleep  longer than before, I could go a whole night without waking up or at least once which was way better than before. The pain in my joints reduced drastically and felt better, with more energy. Amazingly, by the end of the 8 weeks, I had lost 2 stones. I had wanted to lose some weight for a long time but I found it difficult until now. I was so happy, felt good within myself, felt happy,  was a better person, I felt like a huge load I had been carrying for some time had been taken off me. I felt lighter, I did not have to worry about going to bed with the fear of not sleeping, instead was so looking forward to having a good night sleep ever since I joined Dr Stephen Ferguson’s Natural Health Clinic. I came back to see Dr Stephen Ferguson for check up, but this time when he did the live blood test my blood clearer and the circulation was great.


I would recommend the Natural Health clinic to anyone, the live blood test can save lives and Dr Stephen Ferguson is the best.

Dr Stephen Ferguson- fibroids and candida gone, awesome!

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson at the Natural Health clinic because I was suffering from arthritis, fibroids and Candida.  As a result I had different sorts of discomfort. My body was all hurting, suffered from stiff shoulders, and severe back pain that made it very difficult for me to sit down for a long time. Candida caused my genital parts to itch terribly a situation which was very uncomfortable and embarrassing at times. I was bloated all the time, my stomach was full of gas, had severe constipation at one time and at other times diarrhoea. I also developed floaters and flashing lights in my eyes. So much was happening to me at the same time. I felt helpless having tried different kinds of treatment but nothing really seemed to work for me. I became very frustrated and distressed about the way I felt. My sexual drive went down drain and this caused a lot of problems to my marriage.


I would say by sheer luck as I was searching for answers and help on the internet; I became aware of Dr Stephen Ferguson. After watching and listening to people’s testimonies on you tube, I highly considered visiting Dr Stephen Ferguson at The Natural Health Clinic. So I made an appointment to come and see Dr Stephen Ferguson for a live blood test. To say the truth, according to the live blood test, my blood was really disgusting, it was horrendous, more reason why I was so un well for such a long time. Dr Stephen Ferguson put me on 8weeks programme and put me on routine exercises. I had to take various vitamins and food supplements. After about 4 weeks on the programme, I felt a complete change in the way I felt. The thrush disappeared, the bloating and excess gas in my stomach reduced significantly and I had no problems moving my bowels like before.


At the end of the programme, my fibroids had shrunk because I could not feel the big lump in my tummy that I felt before. Even the discomfort I felt whenever I lay down especially flat on my stomach had gone. I felt light and great, full of energy, and very positive. I felt really better, my back pain and shoulder pain had completely gone. To my biggest surprise, when I came back to Dr Stephen Ferguson for another live blood test, my blood was so fresh, I could not stop smiling.


I would recommend everyone to come to Dr Stephen Ferguson and do alive blood test.


Dr Stephen Ferguson- I am very lucky to have escaped a wheel chair

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson because I was not feeling well. Before that I had been diagnosed with severe arthritis which left me with a very bad pain in my knee. The pain became worse and worse  until I decided to go to hospital. Little did I know that I would end up being admitted. While at the hospital, I contracted meningitis and pneumonia, and this made the situation a lot worse. I became so ill and eventually I went into a coma. I never ever thought that people in a coma are very alive and can hear everything going on in their surroundings. I could hear every single conversation from the doctors and friends and family who had come to visit. I was so upset to hear the doctors talking so negatively about my condition, that I would never be able to walk again, if at all I am lucky enough to come out I will be like cabbage, not normal, or possibly would be brain damaged.  I spent 2 months in coma but fortunately I came out of it. I could not walk, they gave me Zimmer frame, walking stick, crutches. I felt like they didn’t want me to get better. I was so angry at the doctors for all that happened to me, I went to hospital with just a pain but ended up worse off than before. They loaded me with a lot of steroids and other strong medications.

So when I heard about the Natural health Clinic, I decided to come and see Dr Stephen Ferguson for a live blood test. I was put on  8 weeks programme, where I had to take vitamins and food supplements. Dr Stephen Ferguson also advised me to change my diet, eat more healthy as well as regular exercising. After a couple of weeks, I started feeling better, my swollen leg went down and  I was able to walk alone. I felt so good, almost 100 percent depending on where I had come from. My skin was better, all the rash I had developed during the illness had cleared. By the end of the programme, I had lost 2.5stones which was amazing. I was able to use my hands well, was mobile, able to do a lot of things that I could not do in a very long time. Sometimes I thought I was day dreaming or may be in wonderland, but it was the reality. I was on route to getting my life back.

I could not believe the woman who was declared for dead once was actually able to walk and talk and laugh and became independent again. You can never under estimate what just a single step to doing something can actually yield so many good results. In my case it was that first step to visit Dr Stephen Ferguson at the Natural Health Clinic and doing that Live blood test. Miracles do happen, yes and for me Dr Stephen Ferguson is my absolute saviour. He made me believe I could get better and I had to stick to what he had told me to make sure I did.

I am ever so grateful for what Dr Stephen Ferguson did for me and my family. I would recommend each and every one who has visited the natural health clinic to take that first step and do the live blood test, I am sure you would be grateful too.



Dr Stephen Ferguson cures old woman’s hypertension and arthritis; quite surprising

I am an 80 year old woman, with arthritis, hypertension and salt indigestion. May be old age was also contributing to how I felt but I was so weak. Before I retired I was a very active woman, but because of the illness I am was not active anymore.  I could not function the way I used to function. The Gp only gave me tablets for the blood pressure but nothing else. My stomach was so bloated all the time. I developed IBS eventually and this made me so sad and depressed. I became helpless, could not do anything for myself.  My children employed a carer to help me around with various things in and outside the house. Sometimes my grandchildren would come and help me as well or take me out for meals and shopping.

One day my son told me about Doctor Stephen Ferguson’s full MOT at the Natural Health Clinic. At first I brushed off the idea, I think I was almost giving up on myself. My son kept reminding me about Doctor Stephen Ferguson at least everyday. Each time complained about pain, he would urge me to go and do the live blood test.

At last I made up my mind and my son took me to see Dr Stephen Ferguson. The first thing that was done was to do a live blood test. Well this is the best way in my view of finding out how well ones blood functions. Well, mine at the time was poor, the circulation was bad and this scared me. Dr Stephen Ferguson explained to me that if he put me on 8weeks programme, it should clear by the end of the programme. So I went on the programme which involved taking several vitamins and food Supplements. I made sure I took those as I was told. Half way through the programme I went back to see Dr Stephen Ferguson and he did another live blood test, but this time my blood was better which made me so happy within myself.

The pain was gradually subsiding, I felt better, more like a child. My energy levels were rising everyday. Was able to walk about longer than before  which was good exercising as Dr Stephen Ferguson had asked me to.  My indigestion was better than before, bloating was better. I had not felt like this for a long time and never imagined feeling this good in myself.

My Gp was also amazed at how well I looked and more so by my blood pressure levels because they were much lower than before. I do not have to rely on the Blood pressure tablets like before. I feel like I having my old life back. I can’t stop thanking Dr Stephen Ferguson for what he has done for me. My family and friends are so impressed by how well I look.

Even a few of my old friends have already joined the programme and they have gone to do live blood test.

I will definitely continue using the vitamins and supplements and coming to Dr Stephen Ferguson’s Clinic for check ups.


Dr Stephen Ferguson- I was almost blind and miraculously now I see – live blood test

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson at The Natural Health clinic after a friend recommended him to me for a live blood test.  For many years I had poor vision, severe headaches and as a result my mobility was affected in a such a way that I could not walk straight. Sometimes I was afraid to walk alone, more so at night. I was really depressed and very very sad. This affected my relationships with many people including those very dear to me like my mother, my girlfriend, close friends. As  a result I lost my job. Life at this point was a nightmare. I visited different health practices but none of them really was able to help me, but just ended up with a pile of medication. I tried counselling to help boost my confidence, but the sickness was still there and I was longing for it to go.


I visited Dr. Stephen Ferguson at The Natural Health Clinic for a full body MOT, and a live blood test. When Dr Stephen Ferguson did the live blood test the results were not good, my blood was so clogged after years of unhealthy eating.  This is the first time I ever saw and heard of a live blood test. I could see my blood stream live and when Dr Stephen Ferguson showed me the normal one to compare with mine, I realised that mine was badly infected. He urged me to start a healthy diet, gave me a list of healthy natural foods to eat and put me on daily vitamins, to help cleanse my blood. Dr. Stephen Ferguson motivated me to get better, and asked me to follow the programme if I wanted to get better results in the future. I left the clinic feeling a lot better, something I had not felt in very long time because he had told me something new that no one else had told me before. I followed his advice and just after a few weeks of using his vitamins, my vision got better. I could see things clearly that I was not able to see before, was able to use the computer without much strain, those intense headaches disappeared completely and could even walk straight, and was not afraid to walk at night. By the end of the programme I was a new person, my life was back on track, my vision was excellent, I was so happy with myself.  I was I am so grateful to Dr Stephen Ferguson because he was able to do something for me no one else was able to.


I was happy with myself; I had got my life back. My social life was back on track, my confidence was boosted. I was even able to find work. I am glad I contacted Dr. Stephen Ferguson, and would highly recommend him to all my friends and family. I still visit the clinic for check ups and continuously use his vitamins. Thank you Dr Stephen Ferguson for giving me my life back.