Dr Stephen Ferguson cures old woman’s hypertension and arthritis; quite surprising

I am an 80 year old woman, with arthritis, hypertension and salt indigestion. May be old age was also contributing to how I felt but I was so weak. Before I retired I was a very active woman, but because of the illness I am was not active anymore.  I could not function the way I used to function. The Gp only gave me tablets for the blood pressure but nothing else. My stomach was so bloated all the time. I developed IBS eventually and this made me so sad and depressed. I became helpless, could not do anything for myself.  My children employed a carer to help me around with various things in and outside the house. Sometimes my grandchildren would come and help me as well or take me out for meals and shopping.

One day my son told me about Doctor Stephen Ferguson’s full MOT at the Natural Health Clinic. At first I brushed off the idea, I think I was almost giving up on myself. My son kept reminding me about Doctor Stephen Ferguson at least everyday. Each time complained about pain, he would urge me to go and do the live blood test.

At last I made up my mind and my son took me to see Dr Stephen Ferguson. The first thing that was done was to do a live blood test. Well this is the best way in my view of finding out how well ones blood functions. Well, mine at the time was poor, the circulation was bad and this scared me. Dr Stephen Ferguson explained to me that if he put me on 8weeks programme, it should clear by the end of the programme. So I went on the programme which involved taking several vitamins and food Supplements. I made sure I took those as I was told. Half way through the programme I went back to see Dr Stephen Ferguson and he did another live blood test, but this time my blood was better which made me so happy within myself.

The pain was gradually subsiding, I felt better, more like a child. My energy levels were rising everyday. Was able to walk about longer than before  which was good exercising as Dr Stephen Ferguson had asked me to.  My indigestion was better than before, bloating was better. I had not felt like this for a long time and never imagined feeling this good in myself.

My Gp was also amazed at how well I looked and more so by my blood pressure levels because they were much lower than before. I do not have to rely on the Blood pressure tablets like before. I feel like I having my old life back. I can’t stop thanking Dr Stephen Ferguson for what he has done for me. My family and friends are so impressed by how well I look.

Even a few of my old friends have already joined the programme and they have gone to do live blood test.

I will definitely continue using the vitamins and supplements and coming to Dr Stephen Ferguson’s Clinic for check ups.



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