Doctor Stephen Ferguson – Anaemia and and monthly bleeding miraculously cured! Live blood test!

I have been suffering with heavy painful bleeding during my monthly periods which eventually caused me to be anaemic. I visited my GP several times with the same problems. She prescribed some tablets to treat my problem. But the heavy bleeding and pain did not go away. Sometimes, I could not go into work. The strong painkillers sometimes caused a burning feeling in my chest and sometimes I felt sick and nauseous. I had to ask my neighbour or friend to pick up my children when my husband is at work. This went on for a long while. I also feel tired and drained most of the time. I feared every time my monthly periods were coming.

My husband heard about Doctor  Stephen Ferguson on the radio. He asked me to see Doctor Ferguson regarding my problem.

I am so glad that I went to see Doctor Ferguson. He made me feel comfortable to talk about my problem. I went with my neighbour to see Doctor Ferguson while my husband looked after our children at home.

Doctor Ferguson did a live blood test and showed me on the screen. It was not looking good at all. He showed me other healthy blood cells to compare. He also put me on an eight week programme. I followed through well with the encouragement of my husband too. I took the blood cleanser, health drinks and vitamins. I was also given an exercise routine. I had to change my diet and eating habits, all written down for me to follow. I fell so much better. My energy levels are so much higher. I don’t feel so tired. My heavy bleeding has stopped and gone back to what it used to be. The bad pains and cramps have gone. I don’t depend on taking strong pain killers.

I am so glad my husband came to know of Doctor Ferguson. It was nice to be healed the natural way rather than too many painkillers on a monthly basis! No more tablets for me! Thank you Doctor Ferguson!


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