Dr Stephen Ferguson- Obesity problems solved, I still can’t believe it!

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson because I was overweight and this caused me a considerable number of problems. I would become breathless very often after a long walk. But sometimes even walking up and down the stairs would leave me out of breath. In addition to that, I developed another problem, where I noticed blood in my stool on various occasions which became of much concern to me. This became a point where I thought now was the time to act before the illness became worse.


I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson and did a live blood test which was another overwhelming experience. My blood circulation was really poor, and Dr Stephen Ferguson advised me to go on the 8 weeks programme to sort me out. I had to revise my diet a great deal, was eating a very poor diet, filled with lots of fattening stuff. I also had to take vitamins and food supplements. I had to make tough decisions if I wanted to get better. I added regular exercising to my routine.


After two weeks I noticed I felt lighter and some of my clothes were lose fitting, the blood in my stool was no more which was a big relief, I didn’t have difficulties opening my bowels like before. By the end of the 8weeks, I had lost 2.5 stones. I am so glad I made this decision. I am still taking the vitamins and food supplements plus doing my exercises. Dr Stephen Ferguson was surprised himself when he saw me on my next visit how much weight I had lost. More so the live blood test showed that my blood circulation was way better than before. I am so happy to have been able to finally find something that has helped me with my suffering. I am so grateful to Dr Stephen Ferguson.


I would say to everyone who has not been to the Natural Health Clinic to run quick and does a live blood test, it works wonders.






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