Dr Stephen Ferguson- I am so happy to walk again without hurting

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson because I had severe back pain. I was diagnosed with a damaged vertebrae and my Gp had told me that eventually I might need a wheel chair as I would not be able to walk. This made  me very distressed, the fear of not walking again the rest of my life was so unbearable. I could not Imagine becoming disabled, a person who was born normal. At that moment I was undergoing two kinds of pain; first the illness and second the stress it had brought me. I could not stand up or sit down for a long time, therefore I had to lie down most of the time to relieve my back from pressure. My job was a desk job so I thought may be it was the reason for the back pain. My ability to work was reducing everyday until I could not work anymore. I had to leave work and stay at home and try to get better first. But after what my GP had told me, I became so anxious to get better. I was ready to do whatever it took me to make myself well again.

I had heard about Dr Stephen Ferguson from a radio show and since then became very keen to go and see him at The Natural Health Clinic. When I came to see Dr Stephen Ferguson, he told me I needed full body MOT and in order for this to happen he had to do a live blood test. This was mainly to check the status

of the blood and how well the blood was flowing. Well mine happened to be one of the worst Dr Stephen Ferguson had ever seen.

Dr Stephen Ferguson put me on 8 weeks programme to start with. He also advised me to change my diet, eat more natural foods, gave me vitamins and food supplements. I started taking these together with regular exercises. I was surprised just after a few  weeks how well I felt. I was able to walk and sit without much strain on the back and the more I continued with the programme, the better I felt.

After the 8weeks I came back to see Dr Stephen Ferguson for another live blood test and another surprise was that my blood was better. Even Dr Stephen was taken by surprise. I felt hundred percent better. It was a new me inside out. Life can be frightening sometimes but then interesting at other times. All my worries seemed to have disappeared. I didn’t know what would happen to my family, my children, my wife. But we are all celebrating my progress now. All my family and friends are so happy for me.

Life is so precious, I have encouraged my family and friends to come to Dr Stephen Ferguson and do the live blood test. My wife has already done the live blood test and she is so happy with how great she looks.

I will continue to visit Dr Stephen Ferguson and continue with all the vitamins and supplements, they did wonders for me. Dr Stephen Ferguson is great; I can not thank him enough.


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