Diabetes information

Diabetes in some respects can be a life long condition but in many cases has been cured. Diabetes is a condition that causes an individuals blood sugar to become too high

There are approximately just over 3 million people aged 16 and over that are currently suffering with diabetes at the moment. Many people today are walking around suffering with diabetes and don’t even realise that they have actually got the disease.

In the majority of diabetes cases diabetes type 2 is the kind of diabetes that most people are suffering from. By 2030 it is estimated that approximately 4.6 million people will be suffering with diabetes if current trends continue out of that number of diabetes suffers 90% are suffering with diabetes type 2.

Some surveys have made estimates of there being around 850,000 undiagnosed diabetes cases

pre diabetes is when an individual has borderline diabetes and their sugar range is approximately between 7-9 regularly but haven’t quite yet developed full blown diabetes whereby their sugar levels are completely out of control, they are not usually diagnose as diabetics. If someone suffers from pre diabetes this could quite easily develop into full blown diabetes quite easily.

Just like any disease that is left unchecked it will get progressively worse so the earlier your diabetes is diagnosed the better. The signs if any that you may be developing diabetes are passing urine more frequently than you usually do, an unusual feeling of thirstiness on a regular basis and an ongoing feeling of tiredness. Your initial place to go when you have health issues is to your GP surgery but in most cases they may not be able to cure your diabetes problem but will give you drugs such as Metformin and gliclizine in the case of diabetes 2 and tell you that you will be on theses drugs for life. These drugs act on your pancreas and cause biological changes to start to happen in your body so what is actually taking place is the drugs are suppress in the glucose released in your body and eventually your body becomes dependent on these drugs which is fine if you don’t mind that sort of thing and you will more than likely be told that you will be on these drugs for life and that there is no cure for diabetes. Many people today have completely cured themselves of diabetes naturally but if you are going to go down that route make sure that you seek out a well trained practitioner………….

The main symptoms of diabetes

Urinating more often than usual mainly in the night

an extreme thirsty feeling

if you cut yourself the cut or wound takes longer to heal

you may get thrush which is itching around you vagina or penis and this can start to happen on a regular basis.

If diabetes is left untreated after a while you can start to get blurred vision and dry eyes. 

Diabetes type 1 can just come straight out of the blue and affect you extremely fast. it has been know to affect people within a few weeks or even a few days with regards to certain individuals…………..

the early symptoms of diabetes type 2 are quite difficult to recognise clinically so in truth an individual could be walking around for many years with diabetes type 2 and not even realise. The problem arises in the fact that when a persons level of sugar is high for a prolonged period of time this can start to cause circulation problems and over time necrosis to extremities of limbs and kidney failure.                    

What causes Diabetes

Situated behind an individuals stomach is the pancreas gland. This gland is manipulated by a hormone called insulin. A person that is suffering with diabetes finds it very difficult for their blood cells to break down glucose because the mechanism that should be moving the glucose into the cells is either in short supply or not functioning as it should. Food that has completed the digestion process in part is change to glucose and stored in the liver. It is then released into the blood with the view of the insulin from the pancreas transporting this glucose from the blood stream into the blood cells.


Dr Stephen Ferguson- I had hypertension, diabetes and asthma now it vanished- live blood analysis

I developed asthma as I grew up, suffered from hypertension and diabetes. I was ill most of the time. There was always something wrong with me. From one attack to another, if not asthma, then high blood pressure. I was sluggish and helpless. Never spent a week without being admitted at the hospital, ended up having a bunch of medicines. I had to take medicines and a lot of them to feel normal, for diabetes, I had to take Insulin four times a day. Due to my illness, it was very difficult to look after my little ones, they needed me but most of the time, I was either at the hospital ward, or bed ridden at home. I kept missing important school days, life became a struggle for me.

One day a friend of mine told me about Doctor Stephen Ferguson. Because I had convinced myself that this was the kind of life I was destined to live, I could not imagine miracles happening. I kept postponing contacting Dr Stephen Ferguson, until one day I got the courage to make that important call. So I went to see Dr Stephen Ferguson for a live blood test. That was the first time I heard about the term live blood test. I was eager to find out what happens during the process. It turned out that the results were not good. My blood was all clogged and Dr Ferguson told to me that this was not a good thing. He explained to me what I needed to do to make circulation better. Therefore he put me on a programme which I had to follow religiously.

After a few weeks of taking vitamin supplements and natural foods, I started getting better. I felt fresh in the morning, no more sluggish like before, my blood pressure fell from high to normal, my blood sugar fell as well. Asthma attacks reduced too, which was even better. My blood sugar is below 8 which is very good, don’t even remember the last time it was like this. I don’t take insulin anymore; neither do I take tablets for hypertension. I can even go weeks without asthma inhaler, which is a miracle.

I am healthier now, I feel great about myself, and feel younger. I am slowly building my life and trying to make up for the lost time. I can do a lot of things now that I could not do before. I have been out of work for sometime and I just enrolled for a skills course after which I strongly believe will be in position to find  work. My children are the happiest because we can do a lot of fun things together. I can afford going away on holiday without worrying about being ill or being rushed to hospital.

I still come to see  Dr Stephen Ferguson clinic for check up. Since I first started on the programme, I have done two more Live blood tests and they were both good. My children started taking the vitamins too.

I am grateful for  a friend who referred me to Dr Stephen Ferguson, because their persistence gave me the courage to make the first step. Dr Stephen Ferguson did wonders for me, he saved my live. I have recommended all my friends and colleagues about the wonders of The natural health clinic

Dr stephen ferguson cures mans diabetes and hypertention – live blood test


I visited Dr Stephen Ferguson having suffered from diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels. Life before Dr Stephen Ferguson was terrible, it was difficult to put my diabetes in check, I was a sick man. I didn’t have energy most of the time. This affected my ability to work, used to call in sick most of the time at work. Being a manager you can not afford to be sick, as the job requires you to be around all the time. So eventually I had to leave the job and try to get better without worrying about the pressure at work. Quitting my job meant that I had to survive on limited funds, which made life even more stressful having to look after my wife and children.

I came to see Dr Stephen Ferguson for a live blood test. The live blood test showed that my blood circulation was not good and this was the route cause of all the problems. Dr Stephen Ferguson put me on 8weeks programme which included food supplements and vitamins to help with cleansing my blood plus everything that was going on. The amazing thing was, half way through, I lost 2 stones. My blood pressure became partly normal, cholesterol went down. My energy was boosted, no more the lazy chap I had become. The anti- ageing cream made my skin really nice and looks younger in appearance. I feel a lot younger myself like a little boy. I can even go to the gym now without worrying about anything.

At the end of the 8weeks I felt so normal; my blood pressure was normal and didn’t have to take the blood pressure tablets anymore. My blood sugar levels went down too. I felt so great that even when I came back to see Dr Stephen Ferguson for another live blood test, my blood was so healthy, circulation was so good.

Eventually I was able to find another job which had less pressure. I am happy with my life now, my family is happy for me too. My wife joined the programme too, came to see Dr Stephen Ferguson for a live blood test; she can’t believe how different she looks herself.

I would highly recommend my friends and family to come and see Dr Stephen Ferguson for a live blood test. We love The Natural Health Clinic, we love Dr Ferguson. He is doing an amazing job.



Dr Stephen Ferguson – crippled woman walks again a miracle- live blood analysis

I visited Doctor Stephen Ferguson after I was diagnosed with hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, chronic fatigue last year. I could barely walk, my bones aching everywhere, felt so heavy. I felt helpless, had to rely on my daughters to do almost everything for me, even basic things. Gps put me on all sorts of medication but not of much help. I even became tired of taking the medicines which made me even more depressed. I was jobless, stayed in bed most of the time. Being sick, helpless, jobless and penniless, turned me into a grumpy old woman, never happy with anyone and very demanding. I became a needy woman and this made my daughters think that I was nagging and almost impossible to live with. I prayed to God to make me better, take away all my pain, and heal me. I had never imagined myself being sick and how sickness could affect me and those around me. I became distant to my friends and family. I envied most of them, watching them enjoying life while I lay in my bed buried in pain. The sad thing is I lost most of them who thought they had had enough.

When I visited The Natural Health Clinic, Dr Stephen Ferguson Carried out a live blood test and my blood was very bad, all clogged with lots of toxic substances. So Dr Stephen Ferguson put me on 8weeks programme straight away. He put me on food supplements and vitamins and regular exercising. But the interesting thing was that just after 4 weeks, I lost half a stone. This made me more passionate about the programme. It gave me a sense of belief that I was really going to get better. By 8weeks I felt lighter than I was before; my skin was clearer and looked younger. My BMI fell and my blood sugar was back to normal, my blood pressure normalised as well. I thought I was living a dream but no, it was real. I kept getting better each day and continued to take the food supplements. I even lost more weight, and continued getting even better. Life became interesting once again. I even found a new partner who appreciates me, my friendship with my daughters was back on track, they were happy to see me being happy once again. I was happy with myself. Life is so good, so precious, I never Imagined I would ever be able to do whatever I wanted to do freely again. This is a miracle, Dr Stephen Ferguson did wonders, and I can not thank him enough.

I keep a healthy diet now, follow exactly what Dr Stephen Ferguson tells me because I believe his advice has got me this far.  People keep complimenting me on how nice and young I look.

Dr Stephen Ferguson- hypothyroid, high blood pressure gone- live blood test

I visited Doctor Stephen Ferguson for a full body MOT after a few friends had recommended me for a live blood test. The reason I came to see him, I had hypothyroid, cramps, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and constipation. I felt weak all the time, I could not walk freely, I had to use a walking stick or rely on other people incase I had to go somewhere far from home. I was on constant use of strong pain killers like morphine to relieve the pain which in the end left me without energy. I could not do basic things at home, I felt like was ageing faster than I expected. I didn’t feel normal anymore, I wasn’t myself at all, I became so anxious. Sickness changed me, wasn’t the happy person I used to be, all the time moaning about how I felt. My partner and children were very supportive and helpful but I always felt they were not doing enough and our relationship became so strained. I felt demeaned at times, having to ask people do things for me.

When I came to the clinic, Dr Stephen Ferguson carried out a live blood test which I found so interesting. After the test, Dr told me my blood stream was not clear. There was a lot of unwanted substances in it and in order to cleanse it I had to follow a certain programme and a strict healthy diet. Dr Stephen Ferguson put me on  natural foods and vitamins. After using these for a couple of weeks I started feeling better. The dizziness disappeared, I became  more energetic and could walk about more freely. I feel like a normal person now, and can  do many things I was not in position to do before; like going to the shops or to the park. The constipation is also no more. My blood pressure and cholesterol level have both gone down. I have more energy than I had before. I am also more positive and also feel that my life has a meaning now.

I feel better, feel happy and blessed. Dr Ferguson is my life saver, he saved me from myself, my family is happy to have me back and they have also joined the programme. I still visit The Natural health Clinic for constant check ups and I highly urge everyone who hasn’t been to come and try, you will not regret. I didn’t!

Dr Stephen Ferguson- I was almost blind and miraculously now I see – live blood test

I came to see Doctor Stephen Ferguson at The Natural Health clinic after a friend recommended him to me for a live blood test.  For many years I had poor vision, severe headaches and as a result my mobility was affected in a such a way that I could not walk straight. Sometimes I was afraid to walk alone, more so at night. I was really depressed and very very sad. This affected my relationships with many people including those very dear to me like my mother, my girlfriend, close friends. As  a result I lost my job. Life at this point was a nightmare. I visited different health practices but none of them really was able to help me, but just ended up with a pile of medication. I tried counselling to help boost my confidence, but the sickness was still there and I was longing for it to go.


I visited Dr. Stephen Ferguson at The Natural Health Clinic for a full body MOT, and a live blood test. When Dr Stephen Ferguson did the live blood test the results were not good, my blood was so clogged after years of unhealthy eating.  This is the first time I ever saw and heard of a live blood test. I could see my blood stream live and when Dr Stephen Ferguson showed me the normal one to compare with mine, I realised that mine was badly infected. He urged me to start a healthy diet, gave me a list of healthy natural foods to eat and put me on daily vitamins, to help cleanse my blood. Dr. Stephen Ferguson motivated me to get better, and asked me to follow the programme if I wanted to get better results in the future. I left the clinic feeling a lot better, something I had not felt in very long time because he had told me something new that no one else had told me before. I followed his advice and just after a few weeks of using his vitamins, my vision got better. I could see things clearly that I was not able to see before, was able to use the computer without much strain, those intense headaches disappeared completely and could even walk straight, and was not afraid to walk at night. By the end of the programme I was a new person, my life was back on track, my vision was excellent, I was so happy with myself.  I was I am so grateful to Dr Stephen Ferguson because he was able to do something for me no one else was able to.


I was happy with myself; I had got my life back. My social life was back on track, my confidence was boosted. I was even able to find work. I am glad I contacted Dr. Stephen Ferguson, and would highly recommend him to all my friends and family. I still visit the clinic for check ups and continuously use his vitamins. Thank you Dr Stephen Ferguson for giving me my life back.